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St. Louis Rams (0-0)

2014 | 2015

Passing Statistics

Name G Pass Pct Yds Yd/G Yd/A TD Int Long Sack-Yds Rating Fum Lost
N. Foles11190-33756.42052186.56.097106814-9869.03-1
C. Keenum676-12560.8828138.06.624160t4-2887.71-1
S. Mannion16-785.73131.04.4300110-085.10-0
J. Hekker161-425.0201.35.0000200-047.90-0

Rushing Statistics

Name G Car Yds Yd/G Avg Long TDs Fum Fum Lost
T. Gurley13229110685.14.8371t1031
T. Austin165243427.18.3560400
T. Mason137520715.92.7615131
B. Cunningham16371408.83.7840010
C. Givens31248.024.0024000
N. Foles1117201.81.1810121
M. Brown141717.04.2513000
C. Keenum61250.80.424021
I. Pead2231.51.504011

Receiving Statistics

Name G Rec Yds Yd/G Avg Long TDs Fum Fum Lost
T. Austin165247329.69.1066t511
J. Cook163948130.112.3349021
K. Britt163668142.618.9260t300
B. Cunningham162625015.69.6242000
L. Kendricks152524516.39.8037t200
T. Gurley132118814.58.9531000
T. Mason1318886.84.8916000
B. Marquez1613885.56.7714000
W. Welker81310212.87.8514000
S. Bailey81218222.815.1768100
B. Quick13101027.810.2037000
C. Harkey165261.65.2012000
M. Brown11-2-2.0-2.00-2000
C. Davis161201.320.0020000
C. Givens3172.37.007000

Scoring Statistics

Name G TDs Rush Rec Ret XPM XPA FGM FGA 2pt Safety Pts
G. Zuerlein140000262820300086
T. Austin161045100000060
T. Gurley1310100000000060
K. Britt16303000000018
L. Kendricks15202000000012
A. Ayers1610010000006
S. Bailey810100000006
N. Foles1111000000006
T. Johnson1410010000006
T. Mason1311000000006
R. McLeod1610010000006
Z. Hocker200001111004
J. Laurinaitis1600000000012
J. Cook1600000000102

Punt Return Statistics

Name G Ret FC Yds Avg Long TDs
T. Austin1634152687.975t1
W. Welker8202311.5130
D. Bates151000.000
C. Davis161044.040
J. Jenkins151055.050

Kick Return Statistics

Name G Ret Yds Avg Long TDs
B. Cunningham162571428.61020
T. Austin163165.370
I. Pead236321.0220
C. Reynolds12294.590
S. Bailey812828.0280

Kicking Statistics

Name G FGM FGA Pct 1-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Long Avg Att Avg Made Avg Miss
G. Zuerlein14203066.71-12-29-105-83-96142.638.850.4
Z. Hocker211100.00-00-01-10-00-03535.035.0-

Punting Statistics

Name G Punts Blk Yds Avg TB in 20 Ret Ret Yds NetYds NetAvg
J. Hekker16960460147.964140289419243.7

Defensive Statistics

Name G Tot Tackles Asst Sacks Yds Stuffs Yds FF PD Safety
M. Barron1611376371.0515.528.5350
J. Laurinaitis1610961481.043.03.0111
R. McLeod168159220.001.02.0350
L. Joyner167254182.0111.52.0060
T. Johnson147158130.000.00.00170
A. Donald1669442511.06013.540.0010
J. Jenkins15645680.001.52.51150
T. McDonald116238241.063.55.5110
W. Hayes165336175.5368.015.0200
A. Ayers164735120.573.54.0150
M. Brockers164427173.0145.08.5000
A. Ogletree44227152.092.57.5000
M. Alexander14342772.0200.00.0010
N. Fairley152918110.521.52.0010
M. Roberson16272430.000.00.0160
E. Sims132313101.5120.50.5120
R. Quinn8211385.0231.53.0330
C. Long12199103.0170.00.0100
E. Westbrooks13191452.0112.04.0100
M. Longacre511740.001.01.0000
D. Bates153210.000.00.0010
B. Marquez160000.000.00.0100

Interception Statistics

Name G Int Yds Avg Long TDs
T. Johnson14713619.458t1
J. Jenkins15300.000
J. Laurinaitis16100.000
R. McLeod16144.040
E. Sims1314242.0420
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