NFL Football

Houston Texans (9-7)


Date Player Status
1/9 J. Clowney foot (Questionable)
1/9 A. Blue calf (Probable)
1/9 A. Bouye knee (Probable)
1/9 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
1/9 Q. Demps shoulder (Probable)
1/9 R. Griffin Achilles (Probable)
1/9 D. Hopkins hand (Probable)
1/9 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
1/9 K. Johnson foot, wrist (Probable)
1/9 B. Jones knee (Probable)
1/9 S. Lechler left hamstring (Probable)
1/9 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
1/9 D. Newton elbow, shoulder (Probable)
1/9 C. Polk knee (Probable)
1/9 C. Shorts III hamstring (Probable)
1/9 J. Simon chest (Probable)
1/9 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Probable)
1/9 N. Washington hip (Probable)
1/9 J. Watt groin, hand (Probable)
1/5 D. Brown right quadriceps (IR)
1/3 J. Clowney foot (Out)
1/3 C. Shorts III hamstring (Out)
1/3 J. Pagan illness (Questionable)
1/3 A. Blue calf (Probable)
1/3 A. Bouye knee (Probable)
1/3 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
1/3 J. Crick back (Probable)
1/3 B. Daniels chest (Probable)
1/3 R. Griffin Achilles (Probable)
1/3 B. Hoyer concussion, ankle (Probable)
1/3 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
1/3 K. Johnson foot (Probable)
1/3 B. Jones ankle (Probable)
1/3 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
1/3 R. Moore illness (Probable)
1/3 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
1/3 B. Peters chest (Probable)
1/3 C. Polk knee (Probable)
1/3 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Probable)
1/3 J. Watt groin, hand (Probable)
1/3 D. Brown torn right quadriceps tendon (Day-to-Day)
1/3 N. Washington hip (Day-to-Day)
12/29 C. James foot (IR)
12/27 R. Moore illness (Out)
12/27 C. Shorts III hamstring (Out)
12/27 J. Crick back (Questionable)
12/27 B. Hoyer concussion, ankle (Questionable)
12/27 A. Blue back (Probable)
12/27 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
12/27 J. Clowney hamstring (Probable)
12/27 C. Covington ankle (Probable)
12/27 B. Daniels chest (Probable)
12/27 R. Griffin Achilles (Probable)
12/27 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
12/27 B. Jones hand, ankle (Probable)
12/27 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
12/27 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
12/27 C. Polk knee (Probable)
12/27 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Probable)
12/27 J. Watt hand, groin (Probable)
12/21 T. Yates torn left ACL (IR)
12/20 C. Covington ankle (Out)
12/20 B. Hoyer concussion (Out)
12/20 A. Blue back (Probable)
12/20 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
12/20 J. Clowney hamstring (Probable)
12/20 B. Cushing hip (Probable)
12/20 Q. Demps groin (Probable)
12/20 R. Griffin ankle (Probable)
12/20 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
12/20 B. Jones hand (Probable)
12/20 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
12/20 C. Polk knee (Probable)
12/20 J. Watt hand (Probable)
12/20 C. Shorts III groin (Day-to-Day)
12/13 J. Watt groin, hand (Probable)
12/13 D. Hopkins hamstring (Probable)
12/13 A. Blue back (Probable)
12/13 B. Brooks illness, toe (Probable)
12/13 D. Brown knee (Probable)
12/13 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
12/13 J. Clowney hamstring (Probable)
12/13 C. Covington knee (Probable)
12/13 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
12/13 C. James calf (Probable)
12/13 B. Jones hip (Probable)
12/13 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
12/13 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
12/13 D. Newton elbow, knee (Probable)
12/13 C. Polk knee (Probable)
12/13 C. Shorts III hamstring (Probable)
12/6 A. Blue back (Probable)
12/6 M. Bullough shoulder, hamstring (Probable)
12/6 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
12/6 D. Hopkins hamstring (Probable)
12/6 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
12/6 B. Jones hand (Probable)
12/6 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
12/6 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
12/6 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
12/6 J. Simon groin (Probable)
12/6 X. Su'a-Filo shoulder (Probable)
12/6 J. Watt groin (Probable)
11/29 A. Blue back (Probable)
11/29 A. Bouye concussion (Probable)
11/29 M. Bullough shoulder, hamstring (Probable)
11/29 J. Clowney wrist (Probable)
11/29 C. Covington hip (Probable)
11/29 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
11/29 B. Hoyer concussion (Probable)
11/29 K. Jackson ankle (Probable)
11/29 C. James foot (Probable)
11/29 B. Jones hand (Probable)
11/29 J. Joseph knee, wrist (Probable)
11/29 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
11/29 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
11/29 E. Pleasant neck (Probable)
11/29 C. Polk knee, hamstring (Probable)
11/29 N. Washington hip (Probable)
11/22 B. Hoyer concussion (Out)
11/22 K. Jackson ankle (Out)
11/22 A. Dent hamstring (Questionable)
11/22 C. Polk hamstring (Questionable)
11/22 M. Bullough shoulder, hamstring (Probable)
11/22 J. Clowney back (Probable)
11/22 J. Crick ankle (Probable)
11/22 B. Cushing not injury related (Probable)
11/22 D. Hopkins knee (Probable)
11/22 C. James foot (Probable)
11/22 K. Johnson thigh (Probable)
11/22 B. Jones thumb (Probable)
11/22 J. Joseph calf (Probable)
11/22 N. Novak right thigh (Probable)
11/22 B. Peters hamstring (Probable)
11/22 N. Washington hip (Probable)
11/16 J. Clowney back (Out)
11/16 K. Jackson ankle (Out)
11/16 D. Brown concussion (Probable)
11/16 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
11/16 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
11/16 K. Drummond concussion (Probable)
11/16 C. James foot (Probable)
11/16 B. Jones thumb (Probable)
11/16 B. McKinney concussion (Probable)
11/16 D. Newton knee (Probable)
11/16 C. Polk knee (Probable)
11/16 C. Shorts III hamstring (Probable)
11/16 N. Washington hip (Probable)
11/3 G. Mancz knee (IR)
11/1 A. Dent hamstring (Out)
11/1 K. Jackson ankle (Out)
11/1 G. Mancz knee (Out)
11/1 B. McKinney concussion (Out)
11/1 C. Shorts III hamstring (Out)
11/1 B. Brooks toe (Questionable)
11/1 C. James foot (Questionable)
11/1 J. Watt back (Questionable)
11/1 J. Clowney illness, ankle (Probable)
11/1 Q. Demps hamstring (Probable)
11/1 B. Jones thumb (Probable)
11/1 D. Newton toe (Probable)
11/1 C. Polk knee (Probable)
11/1 J. Prosch knee (Probable)
10/27 A. Foster torn right Achilles (IR)
10/25 K. Jackson ankle (Out)
10/25 B. McKinney concussion (Out)
10/25 C. Shorts III hamstring (Out)
10/25 B. Brooks toe (Questionable)
10/25 J. Clowney ankle (Questionable)
10/25 Q. Demps hamstring (Questionable)
10/25 O. Aboushi toe (Probable)
10/25 A. Blue toe (Probable)
10/25 D. Brown hand (Probable)
10/25 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
10/25 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
10/25 A. Foster groin (Probable)
10/25 J. Grimes hamstring (Probable)
10/25 A. Hal shin (Probable)
10/25 B. Jones toe (Probable)
10/25 D. Newton knee, toe (Probable)
10/25 B. Peters hamstring (Probable)
10/25 C. Polk knee (Probable)
10/25 N. Washington hamstring (Probable)
10/19 L. Ballentine knee (IR)
10/18 J. Clowney ankle (Out)
10/18 Q. Demps hamstring (Out)
10/18 N. Washington hamstring (Out)
10/18 A. Blue toe (Questionable)
10/18 J. Crick knee (Questionable)
10/18 B. Peters illness (Questionable)
10/18 J. Strong illness (Questionable)
10/18 O. Aboushi illness (Probable)
10/18 L. Ballentine knee (Probable)
10/18 A. Bouye illness (Probable)
10/18 D. Brown hand (Probable)
10/18 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
10/18 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
10/18 C. Fiedorowicz neck (Probable)
10/18 A. Foster groin (Probable)
10/18 J. Grimes hamstring (Probable)
10/18 K. Jackson not injury related (Probable)
10/18 D. Newton knee (Probable)
10/18 C. Polk knee (Probable)
10/18 C. Shorts III shoulder (Probable)
10/8 Q. Demps hamstring (Out)
10/8 A. Dent hamstring (Out)
10/8 J. Grimes hamstring (Out)
10/8 C. Shorts III shoulder (Out)
10/8 N. Washington hamstring (Out)
10/8 L. Ballentine knee (Questionable)
10/8 W. Mercilus thigh (Questionable)
10/8 C. Polk knee (Questionable)
10/8 D. Brown hand (Probable)
10/8 M. Bullough shoulder (Probable)
10/8 J. Clowney shoulder, knee (Probable)
10/8 B. Cushing groin (Probable)
10/8 A. Foster groin (Probable)
10/8 J. Joseph hip (Probable)
10/8 D. Newton ankle (Probable)
10/8 E. Pleasant thigh (Probable)
10/8 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Probable)
10/8 V. Wilfork ankle (Probable)
10/4 L. Ballentine knee (Out)
10/4 A. Dent hamstring (Out)
10/4 J. Grimes knee (Out)
10/4 D. Brown hand (Questionable)
10/4 A. Foster groin (Questionable)
10/4 B. Brooks ankle (Probable)
10/4 J. Clowney shoulder (Probable)
10/4 J. Joseph hip (Probable)
10/4 D. Newton ankle (Probable)
10/4 E. Pleasant thigh (Probable)
10/4 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Probable)
9/30 C. Thompson undisclosed (IR)
9/27 L. Ballentine knee (Out)
9/27 D. Brown hand (Out)
9/27 A. Foster groin (Out)
9/27 C. Fiedorowicz knee (Questionable)
9/27 J. Grimes knee (Questionable)
9/27 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Questionable)
9/27 C. Clark knee, elbow (Probable)
9/27 D. Hopkins concussion (Probable)
9/27 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
9/27 J. Adams knee (Out)
9/26 J. Adams knee (IR)
9/20 L. Ballentine knee (Out)
9/20 A. Foster groin (Out)
9/20 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Out)
9/20 D. Brown hand (Questionable)
9/20 J. Adams abdominal (Probable)
9/20 C. Covington shoulder (Probable)
9/20 K. Johnson thigh (Probable)
9/20 C. Thompson concussion (Probable)
9/20 N. Washington abdominal (Probable)
9/15 R. Griffin sprained MCL (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
9/13 L. Ballentine knee (Out)
9/13 A. Foster groin (Out)
9/13 X. Su'a-Filo calf (Out)
9/13 C. Thompson concussion (Out)
9/13 D. Brown hand (Probable)
9/13 J. Clowney knee (Probable)
9/13 C. Covington shoulder (Probable)
9/13 B. McKinney knee (Probable)
9/13 B. Weeden concussion (Probable)
9/6 T. Washington undisclosed (IR)
9/5 T. Savage right shoulder sprain (IR)
9/5 C. Slade back (IR)
9/2 A. Hunt hamstring (IR)
9/2 A. Denham undisclosed (IR)
9/1 R. Cliett knee (IR)
8/20 M. McFarland undisclosed (IR)
8/19 J. DeWalt-Ondijo ankle (IR)
8/7 A. Foster groin (Day-to-Day)
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