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Houston Texans (9-7)


Date Player Status
12/28 G. Graham ankle (Out)
12/28 M. Mohamed concussion (Out)
12/28 D. Posey calf (Out)
12/28 T. Savage knee (Out)
12/28 B. Brooks knee, ankle (Probable)
12/28 T. Clabo shoulder (Probable)
12/28 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
12/28 C. Fiedorowicz shoulder (Probable)
12/28 A. Foster not injury related (Probable)
12/28 D. Hopkins wrist (Probable)
12/28 K. Jackson back (Probable)
12/28 A. Johnson not injury related (Probable)
12/28 J. Joseph ankle (Probable)
12/28 W. Mercilus back, finger (Probable)
12/28 R. Pickett groin (Probable)
12/28 X. Su'a-Filo back (Probable)
12/28 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
12/21 G. Graham ankle (Out)
12/21 M. Mohamed concussion (Out)
12/21 T. Savage knee (Out)
12/21 X. Su'a-Filo back (Out)
12/21 D. Hopkins ankle (Questionable)
12/21 T. Clabo foot (Probable)
12/21 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
12/21 A. Dent neck (Probable)
12/21 A. Foster hip (Probable)
12/21 K. Jackson knee (Probable)
12/21 A. Johnson concussion (Probable)
12/21 J. Joseph ankle (Probable)
12/21 W. Mercilus back (Probable)
12/21 D. Posey calf (Probable)
12/21 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
12/15 R. Fitzpatrick fractured left leg (IR)
12/14 G. Graham ankle (Out)
12/14 W. Mercilus back (Out)
12/14 X. Su'a-Filo back (Out)
12/14 A. Johnson concussion (Questionable)
12/14 T. Clabo foot (Probable)
12/14 B. Cushing back, ankle (Probable)
12/14 A. Dent neck (Probable)
12/14 A. Foster groin (Probable)
12/14 K. Jackson knee (Probable)
12/14 J. Joseph knee, Achilles (Probable)
12/14 D. Manning hamstring (Probable)
12/14 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
12/14 R. Fitzpatrick fractured left leg (Day-to-Day)
12/12 T. Jamison knee (IR)
12/10 J. Clowney right knee microfracture surgery (IR)
12/7 J. Clowney knee (Out)
12/7 G. Graham ankle (Out)
12/7 D. Manning hamstring (Questionable)
12/7 T. Clabo foot (Probable)
12/7 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
12/7 A. Denham illness (Probable)
12/7 A. Dent neck (Probable)
12/7 A. Foster groin (Probable)
12/7 K. Jackson knee (Probable)
12/7 A. Johnson not injury related (Probable)
12/7 J. Joseph ankle (Probable)
12/7 S. Lechler biceps (Probable)
12/7 D. Newton knee (Probable)
12/7 R. Pickett back (Probable)
12/7 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
12/7 A. Johnson concussion (Day-to-Day)
12/3 M. Bullough hamstring (IR)
11/30 J. Clowney knee (Out)
11/30 K. Jackson knee (Out)
11/30 A. Dent neck (Questionable)
11/30 M. Bullough hamstring (Probable)
11/30 T. Clabo foot (Probable)
11/30 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
11/30 A. Foster groin (Probable)
11/30 A. Johnson not injury related (Probable)
11/30 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
11/30 K. Lewis knee (Probable)
11/30 M. Mohamed hip (Probable)
11/30 D. Morris thigh (Probable)
11/30 R. Pickett back (Probable)
11/30 D. Swearinger ankle (Probable)
11/30 J. Tarpinian ankle (Probable)
11/30 J. Joseph Achilles (Day-to-Day)
11/26 R. Mallett torn pectoral (IR)
11/23 K. Jackson knee (Out)
11/23 M. Bullough hamstring (Questionable)
11/23 A. Foster groin (Questionable)
11/23 T. Clabo foot (Probable)
11/23 J. Clowney knee (Probable)
11/23 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
11/23 A. Dent neck (Probable)
11/23 J. Grimes ankle (Probable)
11/23 A. Johnson not injury related (Probable)
11/23 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
11/23 R. Mallett chest (Probable)
11/23 W. Mercilus knee (Probable)
11/23 M. Mohamed hip (Probable)
11/23 D. Morris ankle (Probable)
11/23 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
11/23 J. Tuggle shoulder (Probable)
11/16 K. Jackson knee (Out)
11/16 A. Foster groin (Out)
11/16 J. Clowney knee (Probable)
11/16 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
11/16 J. Joseph concussion, knee (Probable)
11/16 D. Morris ankle (Probable)
11/16 B. Reed groin (Probable)
11/16 J. Simon ankle (Probable)
11/16 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
11/16 J. Tuggle shoulder (Probable)
11/2 J. Tarpinian knee (Out)
11/2 J. Clowney knee, illness (Questionable)
11/2 B. Cushing knee (Questionable)
11/2 D. Morris ankle (Questionable)
11/2 A. Blue ankle (Probable)
11/2 A. Foster knee (Probable)
11/2 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
11/2 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
11/2 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
11/2 W. Mercilus shoulder (Probable)
11/2 B. Reed groin (Probable)
11/2 J. Rolle wrist (Probable)
11/2 J. Simon ankle (Probable)
10/26 D. Morris ankle (Out)
10/26 J. Tarpinian knee (Out)
10/26 J. Clowney knee (Questionable)
10/26 B. Cushing knee (Questionable)
10/26 B. Reed groin (Questionable)
10/26 J. Simon ankle (Questionable)
10/26 A. Dent wrist (Probable)
10/26 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
10/26 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/26 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
10/26 M. Mohamed calf (Probable)
10/26 J. Powe shoulder (Probable)
10/20 D. Morris ankle (Out)
10/20 J. Clowney knee (Questionable)
10/20 M. Mohamed calf (Questionable)
10/20 B. Brooks illness (Probable)
10/20 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
10/20 A. Foster groin (Probable)
10/20 D. Hopkins hand (Probable)
10/20 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
10/20 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
10/20 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
10/20 C. Myers not injury related (Probable)
10/20 D. Newton elbow (Probable)
10/20 B. Reed groin (Probable)
10/20 J. Tarpinian knee (Probable)
10/20 J. Watt thigh (Probable)
10/9 J. Clowney knee (Out)
10/9 D. Morris ankle (Out)
10/9 A. Johnson ankle (Questionable)
10/9 A. Blue knee (Probable)
10/9 A. Bouye groin (Probable)
10/9 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
10/9 A. Dent shoulder (Probable)
10/9 R. Fitzpatrick calf (Probable)
10/9 A. Foster hamstring (Probable)
10/9 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
10/9 D. Johnson foot (Probable)
10/9 B. Jones knee (Probable)
10/9 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
10/9 S. Lechler left hip (Probable)
10/9 D. Newton ankle (Probable)
10/9 R. Pickett knee (Probable)
10/9 E. Pleasant ankle (Probable)
10/9 D. Swearinger elbow (Probable)
10/9 J. Tarpinian thigh (Probable)
10/9 J. Watt thigh (Probable)
10/7 R. Sapp hamstring (IR)
10/5 A. Bouye groin (Out)
10/5 J. Clowney knee (Out)
10/5 D. Morris ankle (Out)
10/5 E. Pleasant ankle (Out)
10/5 T. Jamison groin (Questionable)
10/5 A. Johnson ankle (Questionable)
10/5 D. Brown knee (Probable)
10/5 B. Cushing knee (Probable)
10/5 A. Dent shoulder (Probable)
10/5 A. Foster hamstring (Probable)
10/5 D. Johnson foot (Probable)
10/5 B. Jones knee (Probable)
10/5 J. Joseph knee (Probable)
10/5 S. Lechler left hip (Probable)
10/5 C. Myers ankle (Probable)
10/5 D. Swearinger elbow (Probable)
10/5 J. Watt thigh (Probable)
9/28 J. Clowney knee (Out)
9/28 S. Keo calf (Out)
9/28 E. Pleasant ankle (Out)
9/28 A. Bouye groin (Questionable)
9/28 A. Foster hamstring (Questionable)
9/28 S. Lechler left hip (Questionable)
9/28 J. Crick neck (Probable)
9/28 K. Jackson thigh (Probable)
9/28 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
9/28 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/28 B. Jones knee (Probable)
9/28 J. Joseph foot, neck, knee (Probable)
9/28 D. Swearinger elbow, hip (Probable)
9/24 L. Nix III wrist (IR)
9/21 J. Clowney knee (Out)
9/21 S. Keo calf (Out)
9/21 A. Foster hamstring (Questionable)
9/21 B. Jones ankle, knee (Questionable)
9/21 D. Swearinger elbow (Questionable)
9/21 A. Dent hamstring (Probable)
9/21 C. Fiedorowicz foot (Probable)
9/21 G. Graham ankle (Probable)
9/21 D. Hopkins illness (Probable)
9/21 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
9/21 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/21 J. Joseph foot (Probable)
9/21 L. Nix III wrist (Probable)
9/21 J. Prosch hand (Probable)
9/14 J. Clowney knee (Out)
9/14 C. Fiedorowicz foot (Out)
9/14 S. Keo calf (Out)
9/14 A. Bouye shoulder (Probable)
9/14 T. Clabo ankle (Probable)
9/14 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
9/14 A. Foster ribs (Probable)
9/14 G. Graham back (Probable)
9/14 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
9/14 A. Johnson ankle (Probable)
9/14 J. Joseph foot (Probable)
9/14 E. Mack foot (Probable)
9/14 M. Mohamed quadriceps (Probable)
9/14 C. Myers foot (Probable)
9/14 D. Newton elbow, illness (Probable)
9/14 L. Nix III wrist (Probable)
9/14 J. Prosch hand (Probable)
9/14 X. Su'a-Filo back (Probable)
9/14 J. Watt ankle, illness (Probable)
9/7 G. Graham back (Questionable)
9/7 S. Keo calf (Questionable)
9/7 A. Bouye shoulder (Probable)
9/7 T. Clabo ankle (Probable)
9/7 B. Cushing ankle (Probable)
9/7 T. Jamison groin (Probable)
9/7 J. Joseph foot (Probable)
9/7 M. Mohamed quadriceps (Probable)
9/7 C. Myers toe (Probable)
9/7 L. Nix III knee (Probable)
9/7 J. Prosch hand (Probable)
9/7 X. Su'a-Filo back (Probable)
9/7 J. Tuggle knee (Probable)
8/31 W. Yeatman concussion (IR)
8/27 P. Hazel undisclosed (IR)
8/27 A. McClung undisclosed (IR)
8/25 L. Ballentine undisclosed (IR)
8/2 B. Witzmann undisclosed (IR)
7/28 A. Bonner fractured foot (IR)
7/28 C. White Achilles (IR)
5/20 C. Martin undisclosed (IR)
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