NFL Football

Dallas Cowboys (13-3)


Date Player Status
1/15 T. Crawford shoulder (Questionable)
1/15 J. Durant elbow (Questionable)
1/15 D. Lawrence back (Questionable)
1/15 T. Smith knee (Questionable)
1/15 C. Thornton ankle (Questionable)
1/1 A. Brown concussion (Questionable)
1/1 T. Crawford shoulder, hamstring (Out)
1/1 J. Durant elbow (Out)
1/1 R. Gregory abdomen (Questionable)
1/1 D. Lawrence back (Out)
1/1 S. Lee knee (Questionable)
1/1 T. Smith knee (Questionable)
1/1 C. Thornton ankle (Out)
12/26 D. Bryant back (Questionable)
12/26 T. Crawford foot (Doubtful)
12/26 J. Durant elbow (Out)
12/26 D. Lawrence back (Out)
12/26 S. Lee knee (Questionable)
12/26 T. Smith back, knee (Questionable)
12/26 C. Thornton ankle (Out)
12/20 D. Moore foot (IR)
12/18 C. Green back (Out)
12/18 D. Lawrence back (Out)
12/18 D. Bryant back (Questionable)
12/18 L. Ladouceur knee (Questionable)
12/18 S. Lee knee (Questionable)
12/18 O. Scandrick foot, not injury related (Questionable)
12/18 T. Smith back, knee (Questionable)
12/18 C. Thornton ankle (Questionable)
12/17 C. Green back (IR)
12/15 D. Moore foot (Out)
12/13 J. Smith knee (IR)
12/11 J. Durant hamstring (Questionable)
12/11 C. Green back (Out)
12/11 D. Lawrence back (Questionable)
12/11 O. Scandrick foot, not injury related (Questionable)
12/11 T. Smith back (Questionable)
12/11 D. Moore foot (Out)
12/4 D. Moore foot (Questionable)
12/1 J. Durant hamstring (Out)
12/1 C. Green back (Out)
12/1 D. Irving illness (Questionable)
12/1 D. Lawrence back (Questionable)
12/1 S. Lee illness (Questionable)
12/1 T. Smith back, hip (Questionable)
11/27 D. Moore foot (Questionable)
11/24 D. Bryant back (Questionable)
11/24 C. Green foot, back (Questionable)
11/24 D. Lawrence back (Questionable)
11/24 T. Smith back, hip (Questionable)
11/20 D. Bryant back (Questionable)
11/20 C. Green foot, back (Questionable)
11/20 D. Lawrence back (Questionable)
11/20 T. Romo back (Questionable)
11/20 T. Smith back, hip (Questionable)
11/16 G. Swaim torn right pectoral (IR)
11/13 D. Bryant knee (Questionable)
11/13 C. Green foot (Questionable)
11/13 D. Lawrence back, shoulder (Questionable)
11/13 T. Romo back (Questionable)
11/13 T. Smith back (Questionable)
11/6 D. Bryant knee, back (Questionable)
11/6 M. Collins knee (Questionable)
11/6 C. Green foot (Out)
11/6 A. Hitchens knee (Questionable)
11/6 D. Lawrence back, shoulder (Questionable)
11/6 T. Romo back (Out)
11/6 T. Smith back (Questionable)
10/30 D. Bryant knee (Questionable)
10/30 C. Green foot (Questionable)
10/30 D. Irving ankle (Questionable)
10/30 D. Lawrence back, shoulder (Questionable)
10/30 T. Romo back (Out)
10/30 O. Scandrick hamstring (Questionable)
10/30 T. Smith back (Questionable)
10/30 K. Wilber neck (Questionable)
10/30 J. Witten chest (Questionable)
10/16 D. Bailey back (Questionable)
10/16 D. Bryant knee (Questionable)
10/16 C. Green foot (Out)
10/16 D. Irving concussion (Questionable)
10/16 T. Romo back (Out)
10/16 O. Scandrick hamstring (Out)
10/16 T. Smith back (Questionable)
10/16 K. Wilber neck (Questionable)
10/16 T. Williams shoulder (Questionable)
10/16 J. Witten chest (Questionable)
10/9 D. Bailey back (Questionable)
10/9 D. Bryant knee (Questionable)
10/9 A. Gachkar neck (Questionable)
10/9 C. Green foot (Questionable)
10/9 D. Irving concussion (Out)
10/9 M. Nzeocha Achilles (Questionable)
10/9 T. Romo back (Out)
10/9 O. Scandrick hamstring (Questionable)
10/9 T. Smith back (Questionable)
10/5 L. Collins torn toe ligament (Injured-Reserve (DFR))
10/2 J. Cooper foot (Questionable)
10/2 D. Bryant knee (Questionable)
10/2 L. Collins toe (Out)
10/2 D. Free quadriceps (Questionable)
10/2 A. Gachkar neck (Questionable)
10/2 M. Nzeocha Achilles (Questionable)
10/2 T. Romo back (Out)
10/2 O. Scandrick hamstring (Questionable)
10/2 T. Smith back (Questionable)
10/2 J. Heath knee (Questionable)
9/28 C. Tapper back (IR)
9/26 L. Collins torn ligament in foot (Day-to-Day)
9/25 D. Free quadriceps (Questionable)
9/25 M. Nzeocha Achilles (Doubtful)
9/25 T. Romo back (Out)
9/25 O. Scandrick hamstring (Questionable)
9/25 C. Tapper back (Out)
9/22 J. Cooper foot (Questionable)
9/18 M. Nzeocha Achilles (Out)
9/18 T. Romo back (Out)
9/18 C. Tapper back (Out)
9/18 O. Scandrick hamstring (Questionable)
9/18 G. Swaim ankle (Questionable)
9/18 J. Cooper foot (Questionable)
9/11 J. Cooper foot (Questionable)
9/11 M. Nzeocha Achilles (Out)
9/11 T. Romo back (Out)
9/11 C. Tapper back (Out)
9/4 E. Cleary finger (IR)
9/4 M. McAdoo undisclosed (IR)
8/31 A. Colquhoun undisclosed (IR)
8/31 H. Muamba undisclosed (IR)
8/30 K. Moore fractured fibula (IR)
8/30 J. McKinnon undisclosed (IR)
8/30 J. Morris undisclosed (IR)
8/29 J. Thomas left thumb (IR)
8/24 J. Smith undisclosed (IR)
8/17 G. Dixon Jr. pectoral (IR)
8/16 C. Bradfield undisclosed (IR)
8/5 D. Baldwin undisclosed (IR)
6/9 J. Harris undisclosed (IR)
6/3 B. Bell dislocated left ankle (IR)
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